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  • Amelle Moss

January is over, now what!

Although January doesn’t get the credit it needs, it is still guilty of being a steep slope down from the Holidays’ highs and the prolonged indulging of mince pies, a few too many glasses of fine wine and calorie loaded sweet treats. The great thing about January is, it encourages you to think of new avenues. Whether it’s a new job, new sport, new clothes or even letting go of relationships, habits and maybe that dress you’ve held on to for two years hoping it’ll still be cute on a summer day.

Now the lights are on, days are getting longer, and the good mood is on the rise moving into February, no surprise you’re trying to keep the ‘avenues’ you’ve committed to in January.

I am here to tell you that no matter where you are with your journey, you made it! And that’s all that matters. To help you transition from the new year resolution and steadily move forward to a sustainable February, I’ve mashed up some brief points that could be of benefit to you.

1. Let’s go back to basics!

Yes I know, cliché but who cares! There is no doubt you felt like all you wanted to do when you woke up was, stay in your PJs, ignore hair wash day and have a tad bit of sweat treat in the morning. Well, you’re not alone!

I find that the simple act of getting out of bed to make your bed in the morning sets you on the right track to start your day. Making your bed first thing can make you more productive all day ( and there is nothing more satisfying than a clean bed. Here you are, you made it! Now time to jump in the shower and wash January away!

2. Perhaps it’s time to avoid strict diets

I know this is probably the opposite of what you planned as a new year resolution-losing weight!

Before you jump on the 20% Huel sale, please check the Huel review: Is Huel healthy and is it good for weight loss? ( and make sure you understand whether or not it is sustainable for you and fits in your lifestyle. I’m not suggesting you avoid healthy routines, but what I found-being an IBS sufferer-was that anything slightly different to the natural nutrients I put in my body, caused me a number of issues such as bloating-which I’m sure you want to avoid. If you’re ready to kick start February healthy, look after your body and stick to what works for you with a little of bit of discipline such as; less coffee than you usually consume, more fruit and vegetables and perhaps add in the healthy nut snack selection that goes well with your gut.

3. Look good feel good

I’m talking about that cute smart dress or jumpsuit you’ll wear on your office day or those comfy-yet classy-matching co-ordinates you ear marked for the morning teams meetings from home. The feel good really makes you feel like a red carpet guest and gives you the confidence to go through the day like a boss. I bagged myself a number of bargains-I say so shamelessly-during the January sales and an absolute favourite of mine is Fashion for Women | Mango United Kingdom. Mango’s simplistic and sophisticated Mediterranean design has something for everyone and trust me when I say the compliments are unreal when I have a Mango outfit on!

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